When in ROME....try EVO Hosteria

The beauty about walking in a city like Rome is that around every corner you can always seem to find a hidden treasure.

On our last day in Rome Allan and I took a stroll back to our hotel in Trastevere, up a small side street and luckily witnessed a fresh delivery of whole Artichokes. 

We  followed the delivery man into the quaint restaurant only to find one of the delightful owners inside setting up for the evenings dinner service.  We promptly booked a table!

As we entered the restaurant that evening we instantly knew we were in for a treat as we were surrounded by friendly local diners and helpful wait staff and family members that we rapidly fell in love with. 




Chicken, pork and lamb oh my!  All perfectly executed and melt in your mouth amazing!

Kitchen Confidentials

What a treat to go back stage where all the magic happens!

The fruit of the Gods....

Yesterday our group of revelers headed to tour and taste the wines of Monte Vibiano.  We set out with our lovely Italian guide in our little buggies to the top of the hill that overlooked the vineyards and olive trees and pondered the idea that something has been here growing for over 400 years. 

She told us stories of women , mothers, waiting for their sons to return home and unlike today with the ability to communicate instantly she did not know when or even if her children would return.  Working her fields she glanced up and there they were, HOME, Safe and alive.  To pay homage to the God of wine,  Bacchus, she built the wall that stands there still to this very day.

We learned that the best way to store olive oil is to freeze it.  The enemy of the oil is water, light and air therefore once you crack the seal the integrity of the olive oil is compromised.  The correct way is to store individual servings and use as needed.  I just love learning something new!

Graciously presented were little bottles of the oil at everyone’s place setting so that we could enjoy and experience the freshness first hand with our amazing lunch.

I cannot thank the owners and staff of Castello Monte Vibiano enough for an incredible day and experience that we shall cherish for a long, long time.


All roads lead to...............

I think I have found my happy place!


20.05.2018 13:13

John Constantakis

What an amazing trip to Italy you had! My experience with the foods and beverages of a particular country is that it tastes better when consuming in that country. Its the total experience.

20.05.2018 13:23


Could not agree more my friend but looking forward to a scorch and smash later!