Harbour Island …………….it's where I want to be!

I love this time of year when the air is crisp and the lighting is just right.  As soon as we land we head over to the docks where we take a ferry ride over to Briland. 

It is a Friday afternoon so our first stop is the bar at the Landing for martinis and spicy wontons.  

I am a creature of habit so I know exactly what I want and it is the ravioli with poached shrimp, pine nuts, tea soaked raisons, goat cheese and butter sauce.  I am in heaven.....

Six Turtles Throw Down

Saturday evening we opt for a night in to BBQ. This is a group effort so we all got our chef on!

Guava Duff

Sunday Funday

Jan. 24, 2019

Down at the Dunmore

With crazy, hungry love,



01.02.2019 17:57

Maria Aristegui

Probably Paul hide it from you 🤣😛

28.01.2019 14:22

Maria Aristegui

Lovely darling!
Thank you both for sharing.
Maria & Diana 😘

28.01.2019 16:47


Hi lovely ladies! I could not find your wine so it must have sold out or Paul drank it himself!