A Day At the Farm!

Excellent wines, delcious fresh food and beautiful friends to share it with. How lucky are we that we have talented people that source, grow and contribute to the local market here in Nassau.  

Thank you Young's Wine, Field to Fork Community Farm, BDC Living, Sabrina Lightbourn, Brer Bookie Meat Company and kudos to our host, friends and family who joined us for a boozy, decadent afternoon!

Highly recommend the Rose that was served!






    Pre Packaged Tortellini (because they are easy and delicious)
    BDC Living Artichoke dip.
    Fresh tomatoes and chives from (Field to Fork Community Farm)
    Lobster tails cooked and chopped.

    Add extra olive oil, grey poupon with white wine mustard, lemon zest, the juice of two lemons and two tablespoons of sugar for sweetness!

  • PORK

    For the Pork tenderloin rub on bourbon smoked pepper and sea salt (BDC)

    Marinade, sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and a little bit of mongolian fire oil.


    Smoked sea salt and pepper and tarragon dip from BDC Living.

    Chives and fresh herbs from FTFCF.

Walk The Plank.......We Are After All Pirates at Heart!!!

Check out all the fabulous products at each store!

This weekends lunch is inspired by the creatively fabulous Sarah Gardner and her wonderful products at BDC Living.  Each recipe incorporates a product that she sells at the store.  Not only does BDC provide the rubs and dips but also sells the place settings, cooking vehicles and utensils that you need to create these masterpieces.  It is truly a one stop home shop in Nassau.

As this was a joint collaboration between a few dynamic people we need to be sure and give the appropriate shout outs!

Selima and Tim generously gave their farm grown vegetables and herbs as a perfect accompaniment to the dishes.  You can find their products at........ 

After putting together the menu Young’s wine graciously paired the wines with the dishes to create a perfect dining synergy!

Last but certainly not least some of the fashions worn by our guests were provided by Sabrina’s which is located in the Lyford Cay shopping center.  

Come and check them all out!

New Shops, Stops and Props!

What’s on the menu............Stay tuned for this weekend’s culinary escapades with Allan and Beth at Bahama Belly, inclusive of recipes, ingredients, photos and where to source them!

Artichoke Dip (BDC Living) in a Lobster Tortellini Salad w/fresh Grilled Veg 
Fresh greens, veggies and herbs provided by Selima and Tim
Planked Tarragon Chicken, (BDC Living)
Planked Pork Tenderloin, (BDC Living)
Planked Maple dipped Eleuthera Pineapple, (BDC Living) Get your plank and rubs for these recipes at BDC Living!  www.bdcliving.com



25.06.2017 20:25


It was marvellous food and fun, thanks for including me🤗

26.06.2017 11:42


Thank you for coming out!

25.06.2017 16:00


Such fun Bahama Belly and yummy food too!! And the wine! Perfect pairing from Young's Wine.
You are the best! xo

25.06.2017 14:05


My husband and I were guests at this incredible afternoon. What a day it was!! So grateful to have been included in this culinary delight❤❤

24.06.2017 10:07



25.06.2017 14:09


So happy to have you there and so thankful Robert put the BBQ together for us!