Roll your own!

In this town that can be taken in many different ways.  Since we are PG rated this week the only thing we are rolling is food!

This evening we will prepare Viet Rice Paper Rolls.  You can encase anything you like in these translucent beauties.  It is really up to you.

Day one and three power cuts!  We are off to a roaring start and of course feeling right at home!  I feel like BPL followed me to Breck!


Roll with it!

Shrimp, carrots, basil, bean sprouts, lettuce, sauteed shiitake mushrooms and chili's (optional)

  • Lay it out...

    The assembly line is laid out and the team is ready to get rolling.

  • Roll it up...

    We have a selection of fillings including, chicken, shrimp and beef.

  • Eat it up...

    The dipping sauce is the key element. Peanut sauce and a Thai chili sauce are my two favorites.