The Birthday Girl!

It's WORTH spending time with family!

My family has had our little place in Palm Beach since 1986 and not much has changed around us (except for maybe us)! The golf course is green, well maintained and always busy with retirees spending their days teeing off, at the beach or in the stores.  That nostalgic charm and sophistication draws you into the world of worth!  Worth Avenue that is……

It is a happy street,  lined with beautiful stores and amazing restaurants.  This evening my Mother decided that we shall dine at the legendary TA-BOO!  It is her b-day weekend after all and we have been coming here for over 32 years,  even before I could order a glass of wine “legally” and I simply LOVE IT!

 The History of TABOO and Worth Avenue

She is an old soul but well-loved and looked after!  Next time you are on the Island check out Worth Avenue and indulge a little.




She is a beautiful soul, well-loved and looked after!

A weekend with the family!

Life is sweet when we are all together.

After spending the morning shopping (as you do when in Florida) we strolled over to Clematis Street for a little French inspired brunch.  Nothing like a glass of champagne to wash down your snails!  These little babies are from Burgundy.

BURGUNDY ESCARGOTS .......... In Lemon Garlic Butter

French cuisine is my hubbies favorite and I need to make sure and butter him up for more shopping!


13.03.2018 01:40


Loved seeing the pictures of all of you. What a wonderful birthday weekend for Mary. She so deserves it! Continue to enjoy these times with each other as I know you all will. 😊

12.03.2018 12:29

Derek Higgs

Very cool-Many thanks Beth!