Grandma Elva's Fish Chowder

Another epic Saturday afternoon of wining and dining and enjoying Grandma Elva's fabulous fish chowder.  I love generational recipes that are handed down over the years and embrace the idea of family traditions.

Yesterdays fish chowder was a winner but the recipe is a well guarded Lightbourn family secret!

Thank you for hosting a wonderful luncheon Sandy.  Your kind spirit and love of life makes it so much fun to be around you.

Sensational Seafood Saturday.....

Day drinking accompanied by a decadent lunch are for me my preferred way to celebrate the weekend.  Hard to beat an afternoon enjoying a fabulous lunch with a fabulous view! We are truly blessed.

On the menu for our seafood extravaganza was a succulent conch crudo, rich stone crab claws and spicy lobster diavolo.

Thank you to our lovely hosts, Bennet and Virgillio Your lobster diavolo was divine but the company was exceptional!!!

Oh Happy Day!

Personally I feel like November is a month to be celebrated, not just because it is my Birthday month but because it is the month we recognize and celebrate what we are thankful for. 

For me Thanksgiving is typically the only non-hallmark holiday where gifts are not exchanged, candy is not given and flowers are not purchased. It is about friends and family getting together to share a meal and recognize that somehow,  someway we should pay it forward.

This year I want no gifts for my birthday but ask that each person who might read this consider doing one random act of kindness for a total stranger.

I am always thankful but today I feel especially appreciative and grateful.


Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. Franz Kafka


22.11.2017 03:43


So thankful for you, even though I don’t get to see or be with you now, your ‘Joie de vivre’ and big heart are cherished. May your birthday month be blessed and yummy! xo bean

22.11.2017 12:30


Miss you everyday Bettina! Love ya xo

20.11.2017 16:36

JC Guerrero

So pretty and looks amaizing!! I also know it tastes incredible 😊

17.11.2017 15:28


Thank you Julie. As you can see we love doing it!

12.11.2017 16:58

Saskia D'Aguilar

Gorgeous afternoon!

12.11.2017 15:41

Julie jueneman

I really love what you were doing with Bahama belly all the good food, friends, scenery, and I wish you a joyous birthday!