This past weekend we celebrated Uncle Basil Minns 90th birthday in the house he was born in surrounded by family and friends.  The festivities lasted for three days as we honored an amazingly talented, beautiful man.

Day 1

We got there early to do some work at the HG Christie office then headed over to Grand Isle to try their new restaurant 23 North.  Chef Alex is both inventive and creative with his menu.  We sampled several of the dishes and not one disappointed.

Bok Choy Caesar with Shrimp

Blackened Fish Tacos

Fancy Fried Chicken

Vietnamese Salad

 After lunch and a dip by the very glamourous pool in our very own private cabana we headed back out to see the world famous RASTA STEVE for a scorch and salad.  What a beautiful soul!

Rasta Steve

Nothing like having a scorch and a strong rum drink on a blustery day in the islands!

Living in the land of Peace and plenty!

Apr. 8, 2019

The B-day lunch!

Day 2

Saturday lunch was at the old home stead, The Peace and Plenty. The chef and staff out did themselves for Uncle Basils birthday lunch. Every dish was flavorful and mouthwatering.

Day 3

Sunday we continued our tour over to Stocking Island for a relaxing massage and lunch at Lumina Point Resort.  From this property you can walk over to the P & P beach bar and Chat n’ Chill.

Our Angel therapists were Anya and Victoria.  The couples seventh heaven massage treatment was delightful!  The room cool and massage oils warm, perfect for sunburnt skin and tired muscles.

As Anya so beautifully put it at the end of our service. “It was a pleasure to take you to heaven but unfortunately you must now come back to earth!”

All in all a splendid weekend in our back yard full of culinary surprises and captivating people!