Let's meet the Shuang Ba Chef, A.K.A Cool Chef Jinsong Du and his awesome team!


The traditional Chinese translation for Shuang BA is COOL and I can tell you everything about this restaurant, its Staff and Master Chef is WAY COOL!!!! Grand Hyatt has opened its new ultra-fine dining experience  and it is a show stopper.

This beauty will serve classic and modern Chinese cuisine and with its figure 88 design signifying ‘double fortune’,  Shuang Ba is certain to ensure good luck extends from its 88-seat restaurant to the casino floor.

A few of us were lucky enough to have a sneak peek into the workings and mind of this talented Chef and team and I for one am very impressed.


The Seasons

The interior of this incredible space is thoughtfully designed and every corner of the room represents a season.  I spent my journey in the Plum Blossom booth.  

"The plum blossom has been an important symbol in Chinese culture. This “friend of winter,” which most vividly represents the value of endurance, as life ultimately overcomes through the vicissitude of time".

Although ever dish was special I would have to say my two favorites were the Shuang Ba "Cherry" Fois Gras and the Signature Peking Duck!

Not to be missed or over looked as close second favorites were the Lobster, crab hot and sour soup with tofu and bamboo shoots and Braised pork "pyramid" served with chestnut pancakes.

I think I have a slight food obsession and find myself clapping at my food, talking to it and praying for it! Well, the food Gods have answered my prayers yet again.




See if you can spot all the eights!

With much crazy hungry love,

Beth and Allan Mabon

Sip Sip Sipping Away......

Julie has brought a little bit of Briland to Nassau by opening up the new Sip Sip at The Cove and I for one am ecstatic. Our party was warmly greeted at the reception, whisked into the resort and escorted to our table front row and center.  

The menu has all the wonderful favorites like lobster quesadillas, conch chili and of course the delicious concoctions of tropical drinks!

Definitely a great spot to people watch and pass the day indulging and day dreaming about the islands!

Bravo Julie!​

Conch Chili Magic

Some things do go together perfectly!


11.12.2017 01:48


Great ! We can’t wait to try the Chinese 😃🍱🍚🥠

08.12.2017 13:55


I have "my booth" booked for next Friday if you and Virgillio are here and free?

08.12.2017 11:14


I can’t wait to try both venues. Very exciting.

04.12.2017 10:06

Julie Lightbourn

So happy you brought the usual suspects over to PI for some of that fresh new Sip Sip!
Love that you celebrated your birthday with us once again too! Thanks so much for your great photos and PR!