Welcome to the Izakaya Den of Decadence

Tonight we shall learn the fine art of sushi making........👌

On our last evening in Denver we decided to go back to school and get our hands dirty! I have been making sushi for 20 years as a complete amateur so was very willing to learn the correct way.

Our Sushi Master, Yasu Kizaki was absoutely delightful, well informed and a true inspiration to watch and learn from.

We experienced so many interesting techniques this evening and we are willing to share the knowledge.

Who is ready to join us for a sushi night? I love Guinea pigs!


Fantastic team of Sushi Chefs!

I can understand why this is an art form🤗

Wanna Thai....one on?

I suspect it is the altitude but I always seem to have difficulty sleeping.  We are up at 5am and literally passed out by 8pm.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.😜

One advantage of this is we are usually first on the slopes but also first off enabling us to walk back to our cottage and prepare a culinary masterpiece for lunch!

We love curry and this dish is the greenest of coconut curries.  This is from the healthy-ish issue of Bon Appetite.

Fresh herbs rock this dish!

Basil, cilantro and ginger go together perfectly😎

Purée basil and cilantro with coconut milk and water.

Feb. 4, 2018

Green goodness

This dish had called for clams but we substituted with chicken since we could not find fresh clams at the market.

You could really use any protein you desire.

With crazy hungry love,

Beth & Allan


12.02.2018 21:40

Allison Little