Sumaq = Delicioso

The Sumaq Hotel was a one of kind spectacular property. The meaning  of Sumaq  is "Delicious"!

This five star hotel offers top notch service, not to mention the food!!  Oh my .... I cannot say enough good things about the cuisine at this hotel . Our last lunch in Aguas Calientes was at the hotels private terrace dining room and we somehow managed to devour a six course tasting menu  overlooking the river and mountains. Simply incredible and memorable. I don't want to leave!

Thank you to all the staff at the Sumaq that made our stay so incredible! Special shout out to Jesus!!! You were awesome and took great care of us. We will be back.

This place sure has its ups and downs!

Hills and valleys, peaks and alleys!  We have certainly had our work out this week but one of the ups of this place is the food! 

Every meal we have had, as we Bahamians would say has been well seasoned  and full of flavour.

Today we walked up, down and all around to find our perfect lunch spot and the Tree House did not disappoint.

I'm in hot water!

The literal translation for Aguas Calientes, the charming town we are staying in is "hot water"!  This is the hub for the trains that bring the hordes of people to make the pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. It is full of charm and visually stunning. Let's hope we can conquer this mountain and this mountain not conquer us! I fear the latter!😳

The Road.....Make that the Rail to Machu Picchu!

I think everyone should experience train travel or at least this style of train travel. The Hiram Bingham will not disappoint even the most sophisticated well seasoned traveller. From the moment you check in and are handed your first of many glasses of bubbles it is a non stop fiesta on rails. The cocktails never stop flowing and the music never stops playing. This is my kind of holiday!!! Keep it coming Peru......I am in love!

Following in the steps of Hiram Bingham

I do, I do, I do........Peru!

Bahama Belly accepts the challenge to walk the Peruvian streets and markets to sample the local cuisine and immerse ourselves in the culture. Today we shopped, sampled and created Peruvian dishes such as ceviche and pisco sours. My new soulmate is Peru!

Ahhhhh.......fresh sea bass ceviche style!

Just a few simple ingredients go into this winning dish.


16.08.2017 12:29

Beth Mabon

Wonderful to meet you Jennifer! Stay in touch in case you make it to the Bahamas!!!!

10.08.2017 01:17

Jennifer Childers

Loved doing the Lima Food Tour with you guys!
Your blog is awesome!

30.07.2017 14:02


The colors!! Wow!!

29.07.2017 21:23


My new favorite country! ❤️