La Dolce Vita

This time next week the Bahama Bellies will be in Umbria drinking the wines from the local vineyards and dining at the taverns and bistros that surround the region. In preparation for our holiday we have invited our family over for an Italian Feast to get us in the mood!  Not hard to do as I simply love Italy and everything about it including the people, food and culture.


Remembering my first trip to Venice many moons ago when I ventured across the lagoon to Burano and purchased this beautiful table cloth and napkin set.  So wonderful to reminisce and to have held on to such treasures.

Burano lace was once so valuable that it made up part of women's dowries. 



16.05.2019 05:52


This is quite interesting for me.

02.05.2018 23:35


Looks fabulous! Have a great trip you two

30.04.2018 19:07

Donna Knowles

Lunch was scrumptious as always. Have a great trip xxxxooooo

30.04.2018 19:16

Beth Mabon

Wish you were coming with us!