The Belly goes Urban!

Bahama belly goes urban farmer in the mile high city !  

We bellied up to the bar and dug into...........

One amazingly creative menu, met two incredibly passionate Chefs in residence and devoured  three mouth watering dishes, plus a dessert to die for!!!  

What better way to start our holiday than enjoying a hip and fresh tasting menu and a few very creative cocktails!

If you are headed to Denver stay a night at the Oxford Hotel and do not miss the Urban Farmer!


Roots, greens and seeds😘

Thank you Chef Chris and Chef Stacey, you both ROCK!

Give Me That Mountain High!

The air is crisp and the scenery leaves you breathless…………….so does the walking! High altitudes are tough on us sea level dwellers so when in the mountains suck air!


For those looking for a little extra recreational activity in order to relax, Colorado has legalized certain tobaccos and call it “organic therapy”………………not my thing but the absinthe bar down the street speaks to me!  However, after a few you will need to go back to the oxygen bar.


Do what feels right for you!

Jan. 25, 2018

We love to torture ourselves, but what fun!

Every year we pack our winter woolly's and head to the slopes vowing each year to skip the bitter cold, uncomfortable ski boots and high altitude headaches, but there is something that keeps bringing us back.

I just cannot turn away from a cozy fire place and warm bar.  It draws me to the flames and feels familiar and comforting.

This will be our second year to Breckenridge and we have our favorites already sussed out.

 Super Bowl Sunday we will be back at the Blue Stag.

Look out BRECK, Bahama Belly is on its way!