The Colours of Guatemala

Laying Low at Laguna Lodge

If you are looking for an effortless, fabulous vacation with all the bells and whistles,  look no further.....The Laguna Lodge at Lake Atitlan,  Guatemala is the place to be and it has it all.  

We arrived in Guatemala and were instantly greeted and transported to our first stop and hotel in Antigua.  Here we regrouped and meet the rest of our party, had a wonderful dinner, slept soundly, then awoke the next day to drive to the Lake.

Once we got to the Lake the boat from the hotel meet us to make the 15 minute journey across the lake to heaven!

Welcoming staff and drinks upon check in instantly made us feel right at home.

Everything was arranged including tours, yoga, set dinners, shopping excursions and visits to local historical sites and points of interest.

After each days activity we enjoyed therapeutic, relaxing massages then gathered in front of the roaring fire where we enjoyed a fully stocked bar and tasty vegetarian dinners.

With all the walking trails and healthy meals I actually lost weight on this holiday!  BONUS!!!!   


Can't beat the view!


Guatemala's Gastronomic Gift

On our last full day in Guatemala we decided to venture outside of the box and try a seven course tasting menu created by the awesomely talented Chef Rodrigo Salvo. 

QUILTRO is located in Antigua and its entrance is as unassuming as the Chef and his restaurant.  Kind, gentle, simple and elegant.  The meaning of Quiltro is "lap dog" or "stray dog" but I can assure you this dog has found its home!

From the exterior you may miss it if you are not looking for it.  Thankfully, I did my research and had no problem finding this hidden gem. This restaurant represents everything that is good about Guatemala.  Guatemalas magic is its people, their creativity and the freshly sourced products that are transformed into something unique and wonderful.  From their textiles to their passion for nature and harmony I cannot think of a reason why I would not return again and again.

Thank you Chef Salvo and your team for taking us on this culinary journey.  Buen provecho!



Meet my new crush, Chef Rodrigo Salvo

With crazy hungry love,

Beth & Allan


16.10.2018 14:53


Lovely Beth! Thanks for sharing.

13.10.2018 20:58


Beautiful, it’s a magical place so happy you enjoyed.
Look forward to catching up with the real info 😘