More Fall Pork.....fection!

Pork belly stuffed with apples, raisons and pine nuts.  Not bad for a Tuesday night dinner at home with my man!

The Family Life!

Sundays are for family, friends, good food and wine!

All Aboard the Fall Flavor Train!

Fall is my favourite time of year for multiple reasons.​  The air feels fresh and the scents and smells seem to evolve into richer more earthy tones.  I love the idea of fruits and meats mingling together and spicing things up with seasonings and dressings that primarily come out at this time of year.

Pork, apple cider, pumpkin,  butternut squash and hazel nut oils are some of our favorite seasonal ingredients. 

Join us today for a fall...........icious Sunday lunch!

  • The Meat

    Pork Loin or Belly
    Chopped Onions
    Garlic Cloves
    Fuji apples peeled , cored and diced
    Pine Nuts
    Chopped Parsley

  • The Side

    Red wine vinegar
    Butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cooked
    Olive oil
    Fusilli pasta
    Hazelnut oil
    Head of radicchio
    Pecorino Romano

My FALL in love dish!

According to Food & Wine magazine, once the month has a letter "R" eat shellfish!

Tonight I am going to introduce one of my all time "LOVE" dishes to the scallop.

Carbanoara, meet these sexy scallops!

Happy Birthday to my lovely, beautiful sister, we are so happy we were able to come and celebrate with you!



  • The Introduction

    Juicy fat scallops
    2 large eggs and 8 large eggs yolks
    Freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
    Pancetta or thick cut bacon

    This recipe feeds 12 hungry people!

  • The Togetherness

    Fry your bacon until extra crispy
    Cook the scallops in bacon fat on high to medium heat, 3 mins a side
    Squeeze fresh lemon juice and melt a generous pat of butter
    Add in a few sprigs of rosemary while the butter melts
    Make the carbonara as normal then add the scallops on top, then serve.

  • The Finished Dish

    Nothing like a steamy bowl of pasta on a cool fall evening surrounded by family, celebrating a very big birthday!

    HAPPY 50TH LOUISE! Better with age my sister!